How creating a blog, may replace my need for human contact.


I’m an only child and I’ve historically been very proficient at happily spending time alone. I had no idea, until recently how much time a single parent spends without other adults. So much so that any stranger can innocently smile at me and instantly become the recipient of a stunningly inappropriate amount of verbal intimacy. Your wife or husband may only pretend to listen to you or give you advice that you did not ask for, but trust me it serves a purpose. I’ve got stories about my kids and about what it’s like to be single again and forty and I’ve been dying to share the story of the raccoon on the back deck with anybody that’s not bagging my groceries. So, ill sit here under the glow of my iPad and share with the inter webs my stories and the entire universe can give me a head nod and a “yeah honey, that sounds bad”. I’m good with that.


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