If you hate elephants, don’t bother


One thing they don’t tell you in school about being a single parent of 3 kids is that all four of you do everything together. So I drag everyone to teach or direct with me and they learn lots of grown up words and stories. So today was your typical thursday. Mad dash to get out the door only 15 minutes late, eating Ryvita in the mini van, Listening to Justin Timberlake and discussing the layout of the day. The older girls and I volunteered for a school festival and decapitated strawberries with other quirky, fun, well-educated, parents and kids. Then I teach high risk girls how to hopefully not knock each other out when they are angry, all three girls in tow.  We essentially end our collective day protesting animal cruelty outside of Barnum and Bailey’s circus. The reality is before arriving at the protest I was pretty tired for the day and had some mild stomach cramps, so I was ready to throw in the towel and go home and just be sad for the elephants. But my middle daughter needed to go, in fact she said she wanted to do this all of her life. That’s ten years people, 2 of which she barely spoke or walked, but she’s been waiting and after all it’s only mild stomach cramps. So we all go out and dutifully play the part of being protestors.  And it’s feels really good to be there with my stair step daughters holding up their protest signs and flyers and learning adult words and hand gestures. But we are a team and whether its protecting elephants or roller skating we are in it together. And actually I can live with that. 


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