Dear America,
I’m sorry to do this is a letter, but you are not answering my phone calls. You have a problem, a big problem.  It is because I love you that I want to confront you with this issue. You are a terror aholic.  I know 9/11 left you feeling vulnerable and unhinged, but you’ve become delusional. I’ve seen our bank account and the amount you spend on terrorism cannot be logically explained. Terror wants you to be afraid when there is very little threat. That’s actually what terror is, fear. And you’re letting the terrorists win and you’re dragging a lot of innocent people along with you.
Yesterday I was in an office supply store when I was asked if I would like to give to the Boston forever fund. I get it, it’s a legitimate tragedy.  This should never happen to innocent people EVER. But did you check into how many people died in gun violence incidents over the weekend?  Or hunger, or car accidents, or falling in the bathtub.  Because its more.
 I’m not suggesting we break up, but we have to see other people. You have to recognize that terror is making you powerless. There are many issues and this one is getting a very disproportionate  amount of your attention. I want you to get the help you need. We can start a 12 step program.  The first step is admitting that you have a problem.
Write me back.

Hi, I’m America and I am a terror-aholic 


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