Travel blog number 00


One of the beautiful unintended consequences of starting a blog is I am constantly thinking about writing. I am always processing my thoughts, discovering adjectives.  I am working to increase my vocabulary and playing with sentence structure to better share what my feelings and thoughts are. Without thinking or planning, I find myself reflecting intentionally about my experiences.  How does it feel, what do I smell, what are the sounds?  Which means I’m living in the moment more often. Which means I am living more.

Tomorrow at the ass-crack of dawn my newly minted 13 year old and I are boarding a plane and heading to Seattle, Washington.  I’ve never been and she’s never been and I can’t properly articulate why I choose Seattle.  That’s how my brain works though: thought goes in, body goes to the Internet and starts typing.  Thus we are on our way.  The logic behind the 515 flight has totally eluded me as I’m considering what time that means I must get up in the morning. 330! But we will arrive in Seattle at 10:30ish, we will be exhausted, but we will be on the other side of the United States. 
As travel buddies go, I’m sure M is one of the best.  She’s a planner, like her father.  I am not. So she has everyday planned out morning activities and afternoon activities and coffee breaks. I haven’t packed yet. She packed Sunday night and placed her suitcase beside the front door. She’s checked the weather report for two weeks, so that she will know what kind of clothing to pack. I bought a rain coat that is still in the bag with the tag on it. I think it’s in my closet, or maybe the back of the car. I’m sure it will all be just fine. 
Hopefully they have wireless Internet in Seattle and lots of coffee.  Ill have to ask my daughter. 


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