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A few things I’ve learned about Seattle since Wednesday at 10am.

1.  The sun NEVER sets in Seattle. You may have seen nighttime pictures of Seattle, they are photoshopped. It’s a conspiracy that people in Washington state have been obviously carrying out for centuries. I went to sleep at ten- the sun was up. I awoke at 5am- the sun was up. Obviously the sun never sets. 
2. There is no actual sun in Seattle, just less dark clouds. 
3. They LOVE coffee here. (See 1 and 2). I thought I loved coffee. In Seattle, coffee is art. 
4.  It takes much longer to throw away your trash in Seattle. Most “trash” bins are divided or there are 2-3 bins at every stop. I feel like an idiot every time I approach them. Is this trash/compost or recycling?  45 minutes later I leave smugly feeling like I’ve accomplished something. 
5.  There are no plastic bags in Seattle. They are banned and you have to pay for a paper bag!  Way to go Seattle. No one ever looks at you weird if you refuse a bag for your one item at the convenience store.
6. People are super friendly.  I have been in in-depth conversations with vendors all over the city while my 13 year old wanders away to indicate she’s done being in that store. A stranger that walked past us on the street asked if we needed anything, just because we were standing on a street corner in the rain wearing fleece jackets and looking lost. It’s beautiful. 
7.  I can’t wait to have the opportunity to come back. 
Tonight begins the folklife festival, which my daughter is obviously not into, but she keeps saying flatly “that’s an option”. We are going, we just might not stay very long. At any rate, at least we know we can walk home while the sun is still up. 



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