Travel blog 004


There comes a space in every trip when its time to go home. I miss my two younger daughters, and my dog, and my bed. Although the people here are friendly, they are not my friends. I miss knowing where I am going without needing a map and finding food in my fridge.  Seeing a new place always makes me want to see more new places and I dream of the day when I can return, but right now, I am looking forward to being back home with my tribe.

We did walk through the folk festival yesterday. Unlike the first two days of our trip we have now had a couple of those adolescent daughter/mother moments. I haven’t seen an eye roll yet, but at the festival she walked about 5 paces ahead of me. Once she stopped to tie her shoes and when I stopped to wait for her she said ” you can go on”. She picked out some amazing artwork that I purchased and that bought me enough coolness that she walked beside me the rest of the trip back.
After a glorious Mediterranean meal and sleep, it seems I am back to being Seattle buddy again. I offered to set out on my own this morning. M said she wanted to go with me, but added we would be close enough for her to walk back if she needed to. It’s one of the many things we share, we love people, but we love our alone time too. So I get it. And about the walking, I don’t know how many miles we’ve walked, but it’s a lot. Things ache when I wake up. I should keep walking this much when we return. Probably wont, but it’s a good idea.
So we will wrap up our final full day today. The festival provides the perfect opportunity to people watch, and smell. Beautiful thing in a city, the smells. Body odor, and deep fried PB and J, patchouli and ganja, garlicky chicken and rain. Time to go breath in Seattle and the last bonding moments with my beautiful daughter.

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