Keep your eyes open


Things seen at the Folk arts Festival in Seattle, Washington. 

Drummers, jugglers, magicians, a mariachi band, two pirates, a green balloon fairy, a one man band with angel wings, an athlete riding a stationary bike for 14 hours straight in honor of the military men and women, hula hoops, ribbon, tarot card readings,  a person asking for pocket change, a man asking for pocket trash, a sign that said ” looking for a fat woman”, a sign that said “too ugly to prostitute”, several contortionists, a dog sleeping in a guitar case, numerous people smoking pot openly, cops issuing tickets for people smoking pot openly, kissing couples, a man with a hatchet through his head, a man with salad tongs through his head, stilts, the devil, angry corn, protestors, banjos, guitars, a didgeridoo, washboards, duos, trios, sextets and more playing every genre of music, on tambourines, boxes, slide whistles, violins, trumpets, cellos and bells and dogs of every shape and size.  Just to name a few. 

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