ImageToday is the last day of school.  When you are a single parent, school serves as the other parent, taking the children and caring for them (except for the weekly cold one of my children will inevitably develop) 5 days a week, from 9-3. Summer comes and gobbles that up. The unstructured days of summer loom in front of me more vast and endless appearing than the Grand Canyon. Oh sure there are camps and eager grandparents, but as a parent and especially as a single parent, it’s the day in, day out that strikes fear in my heart. The bickering mocks tauntingly already. An argument about whether they argue about everything or not threatens to shake my sanity to its very  core. BTW I am horrible at superimposing a contrived schedule. I want to.  Hell, I need to, but it’s a struggle. And it’s really not nearly so catastrophic once we get into the swing of things, but the transition from here to there is frightening. What will I do about it?  Admit I’m helpless over summer….ask forgiveness to those I have hurt because of summer…write about it in my blog.  Sigh.  Fret. Make too many plans with friends and family. And as always get through with the help of the village we live in. Come Labor Day I will probably write a blog about where all the time went so quickly. Ill worry about how we will adjust to having to get up in the morning and wish we had more wide open spaces of time. 


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  1. We have similar struggles, even as a married couple. Since I work, I’m not at home to help for 12 hours except Sat & Sun. I’m exhausted at the end of weekdays, but expected to take over. This means my patience is tested, what do I let them get away with, etc. Yesterday I opted to play with our two children until it started getting dark, which made everyone happy. My daughter didn’t want me to choose the bedtime story, so no story was punishment for talking back. As I tucked her in bed, I tried to explain I did it out of love, not to be mean. She believed I was mean. That hurt, but I just tried to le it go. I believe that’s what it takes.


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