This blog was written while driving 65MPH



There are an alarming number of activities taking place in cars. Aside from texting and making phone calls, face booking, tweetering, I’ve actually spotted someone plucking their eyebrows while swerving down Peters Creek Road. What are we doing that takes up so much time that we feel compelled to multitask while driving? Seriously, can’t we TiVo the Kardashians. A car is like a weapon when operated improperly. You wouldn’t pluck your eyebrows while waving around a cocked gun, now would you?  

The trouble with writing the truth is sometimes Im not really ready for the truth to come bubbling out of me. Then I start making excuses for why I don’t have time to write, or why I write about how annoying I find drivers. There’s a good reason why the truth stays hidden, it hurts. So opening myself up to the truth has kinda paralyzed me for the moment. When I first wrote the little humorous piece about driving I thought I was being balanced. A little serious, a little funny mix and bake at 350 for 45 minutes. But the dish comes out tasting horrible, and its impossible to digest. And that’s when it hits me, the two topics are not so far apart. We live to be distracted, so much so that we don’t even stay present when we are driving. So many of us fill our lives with so many layers of distraction so we never really engage in anything.  But the truth finds a way, just like the all female dinosaurs reproducing in Jurassic Park. The truth has a way of birthing itself. Sure it finds itself in our complaints about drivers, but if I can stop texting long enough to peel back the layers, I know i will find my reluctance to engage in my truth. 


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