Sleepovers are evil



Sleepovers are evil.  They appear, at first as a delightful engagement and they end in emotional turmoil.  At the first mention of a sleepover I am reminded of the lovely distraction having a friend sleep over provides and the pleasing giggle of girls as they create a game that involves balancing a bag of ice on their head for 21 seconds.  The night is easier, the girls want time on their own to create and laugh and eat melted chocolate. So what if they stayed awake until midnight, when my daughter came upstairs hiding a smile as she tired to reveal her fake black eye. They were having  fun. The following morning is beautiful as they wake to the joy of their friend.  They make their own breakfast and play games, even offering to make coffee for me. Everyone seems immersed in a sea of friendship glee. Then the afternoon hits. The body is reminded of the sleep deprivation. A mother is never, ever to suggest a child might be tired. Tired is never the registered answer. I’m reminded that “sleepover” is a misnomer. They are stay overs. These are young children and lack of sleep creates evil. The slightest misstep creates angry outbursts. Remember the sister you laughed with when she had the bag of ice on her head? She’s gone and she’s been replaced with Cinderella’s step monster. Every noise becomes nails on a chalkboard. By 5pm there are tears, sobs and declarations that we will never again go to or have a sleepover ever again. But sleepovers are evil and they sulk away just long enough for you to forget the aftermath. Mind you, they will be back.

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