Sleep talking dreaming about you



The last day of vacation is always bittersweet. Several of us are really too sun burned to go out in the sun today, not that this will stop us from going out there. I took a series of pictures yesterday of the cousins digging a huge hole on the beach. Apparently you can’t dig a big hole on the beach because a year or so ago a couple of teenagers dug a deep hole and emergency services had to be called to get them out. That must’ve been some hole. So our hole fun was stopped.  Today we will start packing, cleaning out our sand piles, finding our last sea shells and begin turning our focus back towards home. 
I will say the beach has continued to be a place where I’ve had the oddest dreams. Maybe it’s all the honey buns, fried seafood, hand crafted margaritas and cheese dip.  I’ve continued to have various dreams about Chris, but other dreams with ghostly feelings that slip through my grasp like smoke when I try to remember them. 
One factor that  might be affecting my dreaming here, weird sleep. Remember the noisy ceiling fan that honked and sang all night?  Dad fixed it.  Glorious. Then it was the mattress.  Last night it was musical beds after the littlest sister decided she’d be generous and let the other sisters sleep in my bed. That worked until 3am. There was a rotation and eventually more sleep. It ‘s funny to miss furniture when you’re away, but I sure miss my bed.  I paid extra for my  mattress and it is worth every penny. But it haunts me when I am away, like a jealous lover.  Calling ” come back to me, now that you know how good it was when we were together. “
So,  let’s talk on the beach diet a moment. And by diet I don’t mean the Beach Body diet. For some reason at the beach I’m more hungry anyway.  Blame it on vacation, blame it on the sun and the waves, but it’s obnoxious. My first lunch here was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a hot dog. There’s dessert every night, several. And all this would be after a full 12 hours of eating anything and everything in sight. Pop tarts, fiery hot Cheetos, ranch dip, s’mores goldfish, peanut butter pie, ice cream.  Did I mention cheese dip, or hand crafted margaritas? I’m going to have to start running again and keep running until I come back next year. 

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