New year blah blah blah

New year blah blah blah

Ok. So I took a break. A long break. funny thing about digging at the truth at some point it feels better to bury a little truth. Make fun of the pain, go back to pretending, heal quietly, run away.  Well I’ve checked that all off the good old to do list and now I feel like I want to get back down to work. Although I hesitate to start again on New Year’s Eve because that is simply asking for failure. New Years resolutions don’t usually work. It like valentines day for people who want to quit smoking or lose 20 pounds. It’s contrived and we are not really fooling anyone, mostly our hearts are not in it, but it feels like the right thing to do. Start new on New Years give flowers on valentines. I’ve never really liked either one.

However it seems like a time that is as good as any to refocus. And honestly, this is the hardest part of the year for me, always has been. I don’t like transitions, I don’t like beginnings and I certainly don’t like endings. So post Christmas let down coupled with year end hatred coupled with facing the second anniversary of Chris’ death means I gotta be proactive. Get ahead of the ghosts. And this is a healthy and productive way to do that. Write. Right.

Also I planned a trip to disney next week. The girls and I are going away. It’s good for all of us to have something to look forward to. The winter can loom long ahead of us.

So happy new year to all of you. Do yourself a favor and don’t make any resolutions, but if you just happen to decide to start something new now or quit something tomorrow or refocus your life…you have my support.


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