Hug your babies close


I I miss my daughters.
They have been at nana’s house in North Carolina for a few days, having a great time. They went swimming, to a place called fun depot and got pizza in a movie theatre. The quiet house provided me the opportunity to tuck Christmas back into its boxes and start packing up the kitchen. (My next adventure is a kitchen redo!)I also got to go to target, alone.
But I can’t shake the feeling that this house is supposed to be filled with a certain amount of chaos and shouting. I sorta miss the nearly constant discontent, it gives me something to push against. I’m an addict, for the noise that is. Can’t live with it, can’t sleep in when they are gone.
It’s good to miss them and good for them to miss me. Despite what you might hear from them, we spend a lot of time together. Sharing a house, even a big house, we run into each other often. Not to mention we are just enough alike and just enough different to really get on each other’s nerves.
I grew up as an only child, typically setting my on pace. I enjoyed playing alone, being alone. According to Myers Briggs I am exactly halfway between an introvert and an extrovert, meaning I need time alone. Living in a house with three lively, precocious, talkative, grieving teens and preteens does not provide for much quiet alone time.
All that said, I like to keep them close. We share the bond of struggling through and surviving the last couple of years. I truly appreciate the time we have apart, but I am defiantly looking forward to the familiar eye roll, sighs and occasional slammed door. Of course what I really miss is the bleary-eyed morning hugs, the sweet smell of them, the sound of “mommy”.Image


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