Amsterdam-an introduction


While I edit my travel log, I want to drop a quick list of observations from my visit to the Netherlands.

1. There are a lot of bikes. A LOT.
2. Seriously, there are no driving rules, more like driving suggestions.
3. Travel alone. All alone. Eat alone, watch movies alone, walk alone, tour alone. Not always, but sometimes. It gives you an opportunity to really know yourself. What makes you uncomfortable, what do you like, what will you do if no one is demanding a compromise.
3b. It’s practically impossible to ignore your inner voice when it’s the only voice you hear for over a week.
4. I believe when you are away you hallucinate familiarity. I saw people from home and constantly created English phrases from overheard Dutch phrases. ( including, my favorite: “you are wearing a freak shirt”).
5. I have eaten really fabulous cheese and bread and I drank delicious coffee.
6. Amsterdam, while famous for sex and drugs, has much more to offer.
7. I never want to drive on the autobahn again, but if I have to travel via the autobahn, I’d rather drive than ride as a passenger.
8. There is no diet coke in Amsterdam, only coca cola light. It’s not the same.
9. When you ask what beer they have on tap in Amsterdam they say, dark and not dark and Heineken (which even the Dutch will concede is gross).
10. Seriously, there’s no place like home. Image


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