Mother’s Day, a true story

Mother’s Day, a true story

Captain’s log, Mother’s Day 2014

The crew agreed to a 9am wake up call this morning so I could receive the much deserved sleep I need. However at 6am I awoke to hushed (as well as not so hushed) screaming. And then sobbing and then a slammed door, which caused the dog to bark. I thought to myself, I should just get up, the sun is shinning after all. But I waited and everyone seemed to simmer down.
712am a return of the hushed screams, now drifting in from the kitchen, I hear dishes and smell cooking (or perhaps burning) butter. Nothing to worry about, I had pre-made coffee last night, all I have to do is turn it on.
740am I smell strawberries and the dog is incessantly licking her paw. How can licking be so loud? I’ll get up. After all, it’s also one of the crew members 14th birthday. I know there will be a window of happiness for a few minutes this morning, better get to it before that disappears.
742am breakfast arrives. Strawberry butterscotch pancakes (apparently the chocolate chips got eaten) mostly cooked into roundish blobs.
749am. The dog eats the pancakes when we walk over to open the big birthday present.
752am I go on a scavenger hunt around the house for hand painted boxes, lovingly written notes and the final gift, a gorgeous framed picture of my three girls.
802am we play a game of heads up and discover the headbands are a joke, so adjust.
814am heads up game falls apart.
822am I discover the dog has thrown up the pancakes he gobbled up. I clean up the throw up.
845am after discovering the reason the coffee was weak ( the girls had added a second pot of water, not realizing I had already put the water into the machine), I notice the kitchen. Perhaps a typhoon hit? I clean the kitchen.
925am the girls have paired off or closed themselves off and are only periodically shouting.
940am I climb under my covers, one dog snuggles up. The other licks loudly under the bed.
Oh captain, my captain…happy Mother’s Day.


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