In my defense…

In my defense…

So yesterday I was driving along Brambleton Ave in Roanoke VA thinking my usual thoughts (” damn it’s hot for May”, “I should really go work out and stop eating at buffets”, ” did I pay the electric bill or just open the envelope” etc.) when I was distracted out of my thoughts by a sign at the dominos pizza (see picture). I continued to drive on for a few hundred yards and then had to stop. “I gotta take a picture of that and post it.” I wasn’t really sure what about it made me feel this need, certainly it seemed in poor taste at the very least.
Typically I’m not the kinda girl to get bogged down in the details. For example around my house we use the word “boobs” as an expletive. “Boobs! It’s raining hard outside”, ” aw boobs, I forgot my homework” ” holy boobs I just stubbed my toe”. You get the picture. As a feminist, a woman and a mother I am much more concerned about the Nigerian girls who were kidnapped and why something like that could happen and why it wasn’t a news story for three weeks. I’d rather focus on the big issues that most of us can agree are detrimental to the human condition than focus on being called a broad. I get how the two things are interconnected, I just think think it’s more productive this way.
Which brings me to two discoveries that I had after I posted the picture on twitter and Facebook. One, not everyone agrees with me. Why I am still surprised by this will be baffling to most people. I always assume the people with whom I associate agree with me. They don’t, and that’s good. Diversity is what makes the world an interesting place. The other is people will defend stupid things just to be contrary. Come on-dominos pizza, it’s not that great. The company doesn’t do anything extraordinary for its employees or the planet. They just make greasy, fattening pizza with ingredients that mostly come in giant cans. And I seriously doubt whoever came up with the sign put very much thought into it other than…”that’s funny”. Well good job pizza sign guy. I’ve had your stupid sign on my mind for over a day. That’s pretty good marketing.
For the record I neither believe that the sign will make girls want to strip or remind men that they should stop by a strip club. It does remind me that sex ( or at least the idea of naked women) sells everything, even mediocre pizza. Frankly, that disappoints me. To be clear, that’s disappointed not offended.
Mostly though I’m surprised how people responded indignantly, as though if I were offended I needed to get over it. Political correctness has made some people mad. Madder than the gun nuts in some cases. I suppose everyone needs to have their little red wagon to pull around and say, f-you if you don’t like my wagon. I was just wanted to post something on my twitter page that affected me. I did that, really just that.


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