Coed sleepovers

Coed sleepovers

When my girls were toddlers and we would vacation with friends all the kids would sleep in a big pile, like puppies. They’d run around in various states of undress and we (the parents) would take pictures and ooh and ahh at how cute they all were. Boys and girls, it didn’t matter, just everyone all together. Sleeping on piles of pillows and blankets, all their tiny limbs entangled with each other.
Now my kids are teens, almost teens and soon to be teens. And those other friends are also teens and nearly teens, but they still want to all sleep in a pile, snuggle….
Part of me believes that it’s all still innocent, they’ve known each other for so long, it’s like they are cousins. Another part of me remembers being 14, and the movie Great Balls of Fire. So, I keep having conversations with my daughter that totally annoy her, much is nothing new. It’s just that now the conversations annoy me too. I don’t want to have these conversations. And yet…
So no more coed sleepovers, no more sleeping in piles. I know some parents totally lose it over their kid’s first day of kindergarten, that milestone barely phased me any of the three times, but this feels huge. They really are growing up, they really are not kids anymore. They aren’t innocent. I know it’s good, they are doing what they should, but I do wish I could grab onto their tiny fluffy, kid smelly heads and kiss them one more time. Take a picture of them and not feel weird about the content of our conversations.
It’s transition time again. Sigh.


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