Like a sexy Saturn

Like a sexy Saturn

The person who can appreciate that I am a combination of old school J Lo and Fred Fisher will be my soul mate. Fred Fisher is an awkward male character that I pull out for improv now and then and J Lo is a spicy actress with an amazing backside.
I’m way sexier now than I was in say, junior high school, I know what you’re thinking…aren’t we all? Well no, I was 5’10” in 8th grade, which made for some ungainly couples dances. I was simultaneously a rebel and a people pleaser which made for some perplexing wardrobe choices. Couple all that with the fact that I was trying desperately to not appear uncool. It was like a train wreck in a shit storm walking in high heels.
Fortunately, I was fairly likable and much prettier than I was aware. And funny. That’s what probably saved me the most, my sense of humor. To a certain extent it was my nearly complete inability to embrace my awkwardness that made me kinda adorable. I didn’t know I was uncool, so I was playing the part of someone with a lot more charisma and self-confidence. I faked it until I made it.
I’m in my forties now and, for the most part, have learned to love the dork that I really am. I’ve fortunately stumbled upon an amazing hair dresser that’s given me a haircut my head can manage ( thank you Erica Snead) and fairly regularly put together outfits (with a lot of help for the ladies at la de da) that honor my colorful side and are still flattering. Having some latitude with spending hasn’t hurt either. Trying on red hair has proven to be a wise choice as well. But most of that happened because I stopped pushing against who I am (except maybe my natural hair color, but I consider my hair an accessory). Being in my forties has allowed me to stop thinking about myself so much and just be. And honestly, that’s the most attractive decision any of us can make.


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