Love me tinder

Love me tinder

If you haven’t noticed, I write from a certain perspective. I write a lot about what goes wrong, but I do it for humor. There’s a lot that goes right, but that’s not very funny. I like writing funny stories and these are the stories with the spilled milk, the foiled plans, the awkward dates.
Perfection is an allusion. Anyone who looks out into the world and thinks that organized entry ways, Facebook statuses, or blissfully happy couples are exactly as they seem, is delusional. Life is a beautiful string of messy failures, lonely nights (both in and out of relationships), burned food, awkward kisses, weird conversations, botched romances, cold water, cheap wine, skidding cars, silence, seeing someone else win, hurt feelings, loss, destroyed furniture, missing opportunities, choosing a path, misplaced passion, angry children, empty promises, sitting alone, snow days, crying.
Not one of these is bad, they just are. They are things. I believe I am exactly where I should be, exactly as I should be. I have many things to be grateful for, my beautiful girls, my loving family, my many friends, flexibility, being busy, needing to be alone, being single, messy failures, lonely nights, burned food, awkward kisses….it’s all part of the whole. The “bad stuff” is only bad if I allow it to be.
So yes, I prefer to write about what went wrong, what was weird or what was awkward. I am focused on those things because that’s where I find the funny and, that’s where I see my growth. Growth isn’t in the successes, it’s in the failures.


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